3 Things You Should Do When Your Child Begins Teething

10 February 2015
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

It is so important for you to start taking care of your child's teeth as soon as they come in because this will start them off on the right foot, and hopefully lead to a lifetime of good dental care. This article will discuss 3 things that you should do when your child begins teething.

Put A Numbing Gel On Their Gums Where The Teeth Are Coming In

The process of getting a tooth is actually quite painful for your child, so it is important to make sure that you are doing all that you can to reduce their pain during this process. Using a numbing gel on your child's gums will help to reduce some of this pain and will make teething much more bearable for them. You will simply need to take a pea size amount or less of the gel, and rub it directly on the gums where the teeth are coming in. These gels also come in overnight formulas that are stronger, and meant to help reduce your baby's pain all night long.

Brush Their New Tooth or Teeth Using A Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Once your child breaks their first tooth, it is very important that you start brushing it. However, since your baby will have no idea that they cannot consume adult or even child toothpaste, it is important to get them some fluoride free toothpaste made specifically for babies. This toothpaste helps to clean your baby's teeth, while at the same time allowing them to eat it without getting sick or being harmed in anyway. You can also get a baby-sized toothbrush or a finger toothbrush to use to brush their teeth. 

Take Them To The Pediatric Dentist Within 6 Months Of Getting Their First Tooth

It is important that you take your child into the dentist at a clinic like Kids Dental Tree after they start getting their teeth. It is advised that you take them in within about 6 months of them getting their first tooth. This will give a little bit of time for more teeth to come in, and will allow the dentist to do an examination of all of your child's teeth. You will be able to be with your child for the entire appointment, and the examination will be completely pain free for your child. This visit with the pediatric dentist will help you know how to best care for your child's teeth, and it will help your child to get used to visiting the dentist from a young age.