What To Do When Your Child’s Tooth Gets Knocked Out

12 May 2018
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If your child comes to you with a tooth in their hand, there are a couple of reactions that you can have. One is that you can be really excited and help them put their tooth under their pillow for the tooth fairy to come. The other is that you can be upset because they shouldn't have lost that tooth and you have to figure out what to do next. If their tooth has been knocked out, there are things that you can do to make it so that the tooth can go back into the mouth easily. Read More 

Understand How To Treat Those Teeth

6 April 2018
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While your teeth are strong and may go many years without showing any signs of weakness, this doesn't mean that they are invincible. Sometimes your teeth can withstand a good amount of force and not be damaged; however, there may be other times when your teeth can suffer the smallest amount of stress and end up with damage. This can be due to taking that stress in a weak area, and at just the right angle. Read More 

2 Mistakes To Avoid When You Have A Temporary Crown

8 March 2018
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If your dentist recently put a temporary crown on one of your teeth to protect it until you can have permanent one placed, you may wonder if there is anything you should not do to keep from damaging it. If so, try to avoid making the following mistakes that could pull the crown loose or crack it. Eating Crunchy or Sticky Foods  While you have your temporary crown, you should watch the types and consistencies of the food you eat. Read More 

4 Tips For Using Invisalign

12 February 2018
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Working to straighten your teeth may be on your agenda. One of the top ways to achieve this goal is by relying on Invisalign to help you do so. You can have these put in place by your dental provider to help you have a better smile. There are specific tips that may be helpful when using this method and knowing what these are may make this a more natural process for you. Read More 

Tips For Helping Your Young Child Enjoy Their Trip To The Dentist

16 January 2018
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Some kids have a hard time accepting the idea of going to the dentist, and this can make things terribly difficult for the parents that have to make sure that they go for their regular checkups and cleanings. If you have a child that fears the dentist, you will want to try to make this as enjoyable of an experience as possible. To help you do just that, you will want to check out the following suggestions. Read More