How to Care for Your Mouth Following a Root Canal Procedure

13 April 2021
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After undergoing a root canal procedure, you can expect some pain and discomfort, which can last for a few days. It is entirely possible to manage the swelling, discomfort, and pain that accompanies the root canal. Keep reading to learn some aftercare tips that will help speed up your recovery. Avoid Excess Pressure The first thing that should be avoided is pressure on the affected area. This area is going to be swollen and sensitive after the procedure, so you do not want to aggravate the area since this could result in more pain than needed. Read More 

Comparing Types Of Dental Crowns

23 February 2021
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Dental crowns are a restorative option that can be used to protect teeth that are broken, decayed, or discolored. They are also used in cosmetic dentistry to secure dental bridges and correct misalignment. If a dentist informs you that you need a dental crown, they will likely advise you of the reason for their recommendation. If you need a dental crown, it is helpful to know your options for the dental crown's material. Read More 

How Long Does Root Canal Treatment Take To Complete?

15 January 2021
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The only way to treat an infected tooth effectively is with root canal treatment. A root canal removes the damaged and infected tissue, cleans the canals, and then seals the tooth. This prevents further infection from occurring. In most cases, root canals take one to three appointments. But there are several factors that affect the duration of root canal therapy. Front Teeth Are Easier to Treat and Can Be Done in One Appointment Read More 

2 Things To Talk To A Special Needs Dentist About

1 December 2020
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Having a child with special needs means that you have to do a lot of things differently than other parents will. That's because your child is going to have triggers, sensitivities, and limitations that many other children don't have. That also means that you are going to have to work with medical professionals and other people who have experience working with people who have some kind of special need. If you need to take your child to a dentist, then you should talk to a special needs dentist and see if they are going to be the right person to work with your family. Read More 

Are You a Dentist? Two Reasons to Undergo Teeth Whitening Training

20 October 2020
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Dentists play a very important role in protecting and maintaining the oral care of their patients. Performing extractions, cleanings, putting in dental crowns, and adding fillings come along with the job. However, you might be thinking of ways to expand your skills. You want to offer as many beneficial services to your clients as possible. If you are ready to take your dental practice to another level investing in teeth whitening training could be the missing piece. Read More