What Needs To Be Addressed When Veneers Are Placed On Short Teeth?

17 March 2019
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If you are someone who has small teeth and wants a fuller and more aesthetically pleasing smile, then you may want to think about having veneers placed. Dental veneers can lengthen the look of your teeth, but your dentist may need to do a few extra things to ensure that your teeth look natural and remain that way. Keep reading to learn about the things that your dentist may need to address. Read More 

What To Do Before You Whiten Your Teeth

18 February 2019
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People often spend a great deal of time focusing on what they should do after they have their teeth whitened. However, what you do before you have this treatment performed is also important. To ensure you get the lasting benefits you're seeking, make sure you know what to do before your appointment.  Research Your Options Do your research to discover what teeth whitening options are available to you. In-office treatments typically range from everything from laser treatments to highly potent solutions with custom-fitted teeth trays. Read More 

Maximizing Your Treatment With Invisalign

19 January 2019
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Many people are using Invisalign plastic aligners to straighten their teeth. The aligners are transparent, so they are not very noticeable in the mouth. Additionally, they are removable, so patients can brush their teeth and enjoy a meal without the need to navigate around a bulky orthodontic appliance.  Still, although there are many advantages that Invisalign offers, patients may not maximize their treatment process if they don't know the following. Read More 

Why A Dental Bridge Might Be Right For You

18 December 2018
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Did you recently lose a tooth in your mouth due to decay, trauma, or any other reason? If so, the gap you now have might not only be bothering you, but it is also something that could lead to a variety of dental problems. If you do not really want to wait for a dental implant, as this process takes time, a dental bridge might be a good option for you. Read More 

3 Useful Tips When Working With A Sedation Dentist

18 November 2018
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There are some dental procedures that can cause a lot of pain and make you extremely nervous. For these procedures, sedation dentistry may be recommended. It can alleviate pain and put you in a calm state, making you more receptive to the treatment being performed. If you've never worked with a sedation dentist before, you'll want to utilize these tips.  Be Vocal During Treatment  The great thing about sedation treatments today is a lot of them keep you conscious. Read More