Three Identifying Features Of Top Cosmetic Dentists That Will Help You Choose The Best One For You

28 March 2016
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Cosmetic dentists are almost as common now as plastic surgeons. If you are looking for the best of the best with regards to a cosmetic dentist, then you will need to know some identifying features of the top cosmetic dentists. Three of those identifiers, and how they can help you choose the best cosmetic dentist for you, are listed below. 

The Practice Has the Most Recent and Best Technology

New technology for cosmetic dental procedures is being developed all the time. The best cosmetic dentists not only have the best instruments for the procedures they offer, they also have the best technology. For example, some may have lasers for teeth whitening, but do they have the most recent and technologically advanced model of dental laser available? Typically, the newer the device, the better the results, so before you schedule a procedure, find out what kinds of instruments will be used in your procedure and if they are the very best your dentist can buy.

The Dentist Graduated at the Top of His or Her Class

Another identifying feature of top cosmetic dentists is the rank at which he or she graduated from dental school and corresponding grades and ranks in cosmetic procedure training. The best ones graduated summa cum laude and had exceptional marks where cosmetic procedures were concerned. You can ask a dentist to see his or her credentials, diplomas and certificates to verify just how good the dentist is.

The Practice Is Thriving and Busy

Finally, visit a cosmetic dentist's practice. The practice should not only be thriving but so busy it may take several months just to get an initial evaluation appointment. A cosmetic dentist who has a very tightly booked schedule for several months is someone who everyone wants to work on their teeth.

Choosing the Best Cosmetic Dentist, or Choosing Your Second Choice (Who Is Also a Top Cosmetic Dentist)

If the dentist meets the previously mentioned criteria, the practice is thriving and busy and the most advanced dental technology is present in the clinic, you may want to wait for an opening in the dentist's schedule, regardless of the length of the wait. Some of the best dentists have waitlists for their new patients too, which may allow you to see this dentist sooner if one of the regular patients cancels an appointment. If you absolutely cannot wait for an opening with this particular dentist, be sure to research and find another one that has at least one of the above criteria for a top cosmetic dentist.