Providing The Truth About A Couple Of Common Myths About Braces

4 May 2016
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Crooked or misaligned teeth can create a number of cosmetic dental problems that you will need to address to ensure that your smile looks its best. While braces can be an extremely effective solution to these cosmetic dental problems, it can be common for patients to make the overlook this solution because they may not know much about braces. By having the following braces myths refuted, you will be better able to effectively consider whether this is the solution that you have been needing.

Myth: Braces Always Take Years To Provide Results

You might be afraid of having to wear your braces for an extended period of time, but you should be relieved to learn that the amount of time that you need to wear the braces will largely depend on the severity of your dental problem and the ability of your mouth to adapt. Patients that need only minor adjustments may find that they only need to wear braces for a matter of months if they follow their orthodontist's care instructions.

Luckily, your orthodontist will be able to provide you with an estimate for the amount of time that will be needed to correct your dental issues. To help your treatment proceed according to schedule, you need to make sure to wear any rubber bands or headgear exactly as recommended by your orthodontist. Some patients may make the error of only partially following the recommendations from the orthodontist, and this can severely impact the effectiveness of the treatment.

Myth: People That Wear Braces Need To Avoid Sports

There is an unfortunate notion that wearing braces can be hazardous for those that engage in sports or other athletic activities because there is a fear that accidentally getting hit in the mouth can destroy the braces. While it is true that a direct blow could cause a wire to snap or an anchor to come loose, there are specially designed mouthpieces that can help to keep the risk of experiencing this type of damage to a minimum. This mouthpiece can be obtained from your orthodontist.

It is fairly common for these mouthpieces to be molded specifically to the patient's teeth with braces, which can help to ensure that it provides the most protection. While wearing this mouth guard may be a little uncomfortable at first, this is a small price to pay to help minimize the risk of having to go to the orthodontist to have your braces repaired.

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