Three Types Of Braces And The Benefits Of Each

9 September 2016
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Orthodontics is a practice of dentistry that focuses on fixing misaligned or broken teeth in the mouth. This is often done through the use of braces, which range in many different types depending on the severity of the problem. This guide will list several of those types and the benefits of using them.


When people picture braces, they probably imagine the metal braces stretched a crossed the teeth. Although the metal braces are still widely used by children and adults, they are a lot smaller than they used to be and a lot less noticeable. This is a benefit because it makes people less self-conscious about the braces. The metal braces are placed on using heat-activated arch wires that hold the braces in place while constructing the teeth into the proper form. Kids with this type of braces often enjoy choosing their own color of rubber bands that go around the metal part of the braces.


Invisible braces are most popularly known as Invisalign. The braces are "invisible" in appearance because they are made out of clear plastic mouth guard fitted to the teeth. It will typically take 20 to 30 different Invisalign braces before the process of shifting the teeth is finished. Many people choose these for the clear appearance. There aren't really any food or drink restrictions with this type either, which can be a huge benefit. However, they are usually more expensive when compared to metal braces.


Ceramic braces are white to match your teeth or clear, depending on the one you choose. You can even choose a clear bracket to connect the braces to make them blend in even more, which can work like the invisible braces but without the mouth guard. It may be an easier option for children or people who do not wish to have to keep track of the mouth guard. One risk of using these is that they tend to stain when consuming certain drinks or food.


No matter which type of braces you choose to get, you will need to properly take care of them in order for them to do their job and correct the structure of the mouth. Your orthodontist, such as Waterford Dental, will carefully go over everything regarding the braces care and what things to avoid. It is important to teach children how to follow the instructions and soon they will have a nice, straight smile.