2 Tips to Prevent Food from Becoming Lodged in Your Cracked Maryland Bridge

3 November 2016
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

If you end up with a cracked Maryland bridge, then you will most likely need to get the entire bridge replaced. Cracks in bridges are a bit more difficult to fix compared to cracks that develop in teeth. While it may take a few days to see your dentist, food and other debris can become lodged in the bridge. When this occurs, this will most often result in bacteria buildup. The bacteria buildup can spread to your nearby teeth and cause extensive damage. Therefore, it is important to keep the crack in your bridge as clean as possible until it is replaced. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to do this.

Direct an Oral Irrigation Flosser at the Crack After Meals

An oral irrigation flosser is designed to dislodge the food in between your teeth with the help of a moderate water pressure. This device is often recommended if you wear dentures or other dental appliances that are not very compatible with traditional floss. This dental tool works perfectly for keeping your cracked bridge free of debris. Simply direct your oral irrigation flosser at the crack and hold it there for a few seconds. In order to limit as much buildup as possible, you should try to use the device after every meal. The longer that you point the oral irrigation flosser against your crack the better it will work.

Rinse Your Mouth with an Antibacterial Rinse Throughout the Day

Bacteria buildup can often occur before you have a chance to spot it. By this time, a toothbrush may not be enough to remove the bacteria. Instead, you will need the help of an antibacterial rinse. A good antibacterial rinse will make sure that any bacteria and other contaminants are killed off and removed from your crack. Small cracks are often the most common areas where bacteria can become stuck because they are hard to access. Simply use an antibacterial rinse in the morning and before bed in order to keep any bacteria growth under control. You can easily pick up antibacterial rinse from your dentist or the oral-care aisle in your local grocery store.

A crack on a dental bridge may not seem like a big deal. However, if left unattended, it can create a number of oral-care problems. Therefore, use these tips to make sure the crack on your Maryland bridge remains bacteria free.