Your 3-Step, Dental-Friendly Lunch Guide For Back To School

24 August 2017
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Is it already time to ship your kids back to school? You have had an amazing summer jam-packed with fun activities, but your kiddos need an education. When it comes to planning your children's meals in the morning, things can get a little hectic. After all, mornings are just plain chaotic! To help ease your morning chaos and ensure that your children are getting a healthy, nutritious meal every day, here is a three-step guide to creating some yummy school meals:

Step #1: The Main Course.

The bulk of your child's lunch should contain plenty of protein and carbohydrates. Ultimately, you should try to focus on whole wheat. For most parents, this main course is a sandwich; however, it is possible to think outside of the box and opt for crackers and pita bread (in whole wheat/grain) with a protein-rich spread like hummus.

The reason you should opt for whole wheat over white bread and whole grain is because it is healthier and contains less sugar, which translates to less sugar on your child's teeth. Plus, it provides your child with more energy, which can be helpful when many children tend to get drowsy during the second part of the school day.

As far as proteins go, this can be offered through lean sandwich meats, hard boiled eggs, nut spreads, cheeses, and various nuts. Protein is important because it helps your child feel full for a longer period of time, which maximizes their concentration, and strengthens their enamel.

Step #2: The Sides/Snacks.

You will also want to provide your child with some fruits and vegetables in their school lunch, and possibly even some extra protein. You can throw in some dairy, if you want, like yogurt, or opt for dried fruit, vegetable chips, or bite-sized vegetables. Ultimately, fresh fruits and veggies are always recommended and the crunchy ones are ideal because they help to clean the teeth of bacteria. Some recommendations include apples, celery, cucumbers, and carrots.

Step #3: The Beverage.

It is very important to be careful what you pack for your child to drink. Your child needs to remain hydrated, but you also want to be careful to avoid sugary drinks because any sugar that remains in your child's mouth until it is removed will cause decay. In addition, large amounts of sugar can cause a "sugar high," which is not the best thing at school. Ultimately, the best choice of beverage for your child while at school – and anytime for that matter – is water. Water is the best form of hydration and it will help wash away any sugar and food debris that is inside the mouth. Vegetable or fruit juice is okay, but make certain that it contains no sugar. If you do opt to send juice, consider sending water as well. 

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