Five Important Things You Need To Do To Make Your Dentures As Comfortable As Possible

13 November 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Wearing dentures can be an ideal solution for many patients who need teeth replacement. However, you need to take care to avoid discomfort by getting into the right habits and following instructions from your dentist.

The following are five important things you should do after you've gotten dentures to maximize comfort and ensure that you adjust well to your new teeth: 

Be sure to have good oral hygiene habits after you've gotten dentures

Oral hygiene is always important to ensure dental health. However, it's especially important initially when a patient first starts adjusting to dentures.

Dentures need to be taken out and thoroughly cleaned at the end of the day. They should also be left in a cleaning solution overnight. This will kill any germs and minimize the chances that patients suffer from sores or gum infections as a result of wearing their dentures. 

Don't neglect dentist appointments after you've gotten dentures

When you're adjusting to and using dentures, it's important not to neglect appointments with your dentist.

Your dentist can notify you of any problems that may be developing in your gums that could eventually lead to discomfort or more serious issues. Your dentist could also possibly make adjustments to your dentures that will prevent soreness and discomfort. 

Find a good denture fixative for a more secure fit

Some patients who use dentures could feel uncomfortable because they worry that their dentures will become loose while they're talking or eating. For these patients, it's often a good idea to use a fixative to provide a more secure fit. 

If your dentist doesn't recommend a fixative and you find yourself uncomfortable because you feel your dentures are loose, look into the different fixatives that are available. 

Don't overdo it at the beginning

When you first get dentures, you shouldn't immediately start wearing them all the time.

Usually, a dentist recommends that patients start slowly and only wear their dentures for a few hours a day at first. This will prevent soreness and possible infection in the gums in the first few days and weeks of denture use.

Seek help from your dentist if you experience discomfort

The first thing you should do if you're dealing with discomfort is discuss your symptoms with your dentist.

Your dentist can prescribe you various painkillers and treatments that will reduce or eliminate discomfort. Set up an appointment as soon as possible whenever you are feeling discomfort to get the problem remedied quickly before it becomes more severe.