What Needs To Be Addressed When Veneers Are Placed On Short Teeth?

17 March 2019
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

If you are someone who has small teeth and wants a fuller and more aesthetically pleasing smile, then you may want to think about having veneers placed. Dental veneers can lengthen the look of your teeth, but your dentist may need to do a few extra things to ensure that your teeth look natural and remain that way. Keep reading to learn about the things that your dentist may need to address.

The Reason For The Short Teeth

If you have small teeth, there may be a reason why they are short in the first place. Some people have naturally smaller teeth due to genetics or the way that the teeth erupted from the jaw. Your lips may also attach higher up against the gums making your teeth appear small. 

Small teeth can also be the result of a tooth grinding issue that has progressively shortened the teeth over time. Your dentist will look for signs of smooth edges along the biting surfaces of the teeth and they will also identify worn enamel, cracks, and chips. If you have bruxism, then you will need an occlusal or bite guard that can be worn at night. This guard can be made after your veneers are placed. However, your dental professional may also suggest the use of a temporary guard before veneer placement to make sure that dental damage is reduced with the device. Otherwise, you may risk the destruction of your veneers and expensive replacements may be required. 

Keep in mind that if you have smaller teeth and thinned enamel due to bruxism, then the veneer preparation process can make your teeth quite sensitive. The protective dental enamel may be completely removed, so speak to your dentist about this possibility and also how to deal with sensitivity issues if they do occur.

The Need For A Gum Lift

If you have overgrown gums or naturally small teeth, then veneers can be made to make your teeth look a bit longer. However, the veneers cannot be too long or your bite may be changed. So, to combat this issue while also ensuring optimal aesthetics, your dentist may suggest a gum lift or a gum contouring procedure along with the veneers.

Gum contouring reveals more of the tooth surfaces and it also allows for the creation of symmetry if your teeth are uneven. Some cosmetic professionals can complete the contouring at the time of veneer adhesion while others will recommend that the procedure is completed by a periodontist. Speak to a dental professional, like Aaron G Birch, DDS PC, about this at the time of your initial planning appointment.